After Parade Party

After Parade Party
13:00 - 13:45 h

Greeting by the Claymore Pipes and Drums

Speeches of the Guests of Honour

  • Christian Ude, Oberbürgermeister München
  • Mr. O'Dowd, Irischer Regierungsvertreter
  • H.E. Michael Collins, Irischer Botschafter in Deutschland/Berlin
  • Dr. Erich Lejeune, Irlands Honorarkonsul in Bayern und Thüringen
13:45-14:30 h Johnny Logan
14:30-14:50 h Rince Tir na nÓg
14:55-15:20 h Paul Daly Band
15:20-15:40 h Summerstorm & The Emeralds Dancers
15:40-16:00 h Breaking Strings
16:00-16:10 h Tibetische Gemeinde München
16:10-16:30 h Celtic Fire
16:30 - 17:30 h Munich Ceili Band